Will you be {name} Godfather?


Do you have a little secret you are dying to share?

This Secret Little Message can be personalised with the name of your child/children.

The moment will be precious as you watch your close friend or family member open up their personalised mini bag  to find a cute tiny spool with a little message saying "unwind me".

They slowly unwind the spool to find a special message just for them. 

"Will you be Tom's Godfather" (Tom is replaced with the name you choose)

What a unique way to ask such an important question. All secret messages are made by hand and are professionally printed on 100% cotton. 

Simply provide the name you would like on their personalised mini bag and the name on the spool message and let us do the rest. Turn around time is 5 working days.

If you would like your message slightly different you have the option to create your own under the "Custom Secret Little Message" in this collection.